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About Us

Elocenter started off it’s service as a smaller sized service, We have been the most successful group in boosting Platinum to Challenger elo ever since the beginning of boosting! As we have grown, we have also expanded our options for our clients. We now offer our climbing service for absolutely every range in every populated Riot server – North America, Latin America North, Europe West, Europe East, Turkey, Japan.We are the most flexible and responsive boosting service available on the world, we always follow our strict policies how every order should be proceeded and we leave nothing for robots to handle – everything is completely manual to ensure you the maximum satisfaction and clarity! Our players are a closed group of Challenger , Master , Pro players, who have years of experience to offer! We do not allow random players to compromise your accounts security or rewards! Most of our players are Challenger series or professional team players who need funding for their future League of Legends careers – we have already helped multiple players to achieve their goals!

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