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How it Works


VPN Protection

To offer the safest lol elo boost we provide VPN protection on every order. We use custom VPN servers to hide the IP of the booster to make it undetected.

Appear Offline

We offer the appear offline feature for players who are looking to have a private lol boosting experience. This feature can be selected at checkout.

Always Updated

Thanks to our live chat you can contact your booster anytime you want. Asking about picks, favors, or getting few tips from them never was so easy.

Champions & Roles

You can chose the champions and positions you prefer before starting the order! That way our boosters are going to prioritize them if possible!


Our goal is to provide the best lol elo boosting experience on the market. We continuously improve and innovate our service offering while focusing on customer needs. Give us a shot and we are sure you wont regret it.

Winning a 4v5 game (literally, our midlaner was dc’ed since minute 8).

gelel4 Iron I - 1 Game(s)

Elocenter didn’t just help me winning games but the boosters itself really ‘boosted’ my confidence too, I will definitely consider your service again. Thank you!

Karuzo Silver IV - 10 Net Win(s)

Outstanding. Super efficient. It is great when someone says they will do something and then they deliver. This service does just that.

Celtic Platinum II 0LP - Platinum I

Fantastic,fast and reliable! Pro player booster Zacmilli helped me get what i wanted in less than 4 hours! 10/10 for recommendations!

Anonymous Gold IV 21LP - Gold I

Besides the easy wins I also got some really nice tips and gameplay strategies from the booster which helped me improve alot.

Anonymous Diamond III - 6 Game(s)